The Pekoe Trail: Stage 20
Lunuwatte ⇌ Uda Pussellawa (Closed)
A moderate hike through quiet countryside

This stage begins in the small hill town of Lunuwatte. Walk on village roads past a lake, paddy fields, and temples. This part of the trail takes you across the quiet countryside of forests and tea plantations with towering eucalyptus and pine trees. There’s plenty of wilderness to experience and enjoy as you follow the trail route.

One of the highlights of this stage is that it takes you past the Sthripura Caves - an important cave network steeped in myths and legends. The name is derived from the Sanskrit and Sinhalese word ‘Sthri’ which means woman, and ‘Pura’ meaning town, and refers to a mythical incident where King Walagamba (77 BC) supposedly hid 500 queens in this very cave in order to protect them.

Key Points
  • Eucalyptus and pine forests
  • Sthripura Caves
  • Mana Ella
  • Buffalo Park
  • Pahala Alagolla Lake

In the second part of the stage you will walk along a mountain ridge of pine forest with stunning views, hike through more eucalyptus forests and a maze of tea trails. The stage ends in Uda Pussellawa, a small, but lively town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

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