A picturesque hill station
Explore Ella
An upbeat hilltown with panoramic views

Ella is perhaps best known for being the final destination of one of the most scenic train rides in the world. Over the last decade, this once - sleepy hill town has turned into a lively tourist hub with cafes and bars lining the streets set against a backdrop of forested mountainous ridges. Walk through the main town and you will find tourists posing for photos in front of iconic locations such as the Nine Arch Bridge or hike up to the town’s many panoramic viewpoints for a birds eye view of the lush valleys of Badulla.

There’s no shortage of beautiful places in Ella! Hiking and nature enthusiasts can enjoy climbing Ella rock, Mini Adam’s Peak or exploring the icy waters of Diyaluma or Ravana falls.

Stages of The Pekoe Trail accessible from Ella
  • Stage 14
  • Stage 15
  • Stage 16
  • Stage 17
The hiking trail map for the Ella region from the Pekoe Trail.
Attractions to explore along The Trail
Experience the very best of these unique attractions along the trail. Hike up to the iconic Ella rock, take a photo at the nine arches bridge or cool off in a refreshing waterfall.
Top Attractions in Ella
Experience the very best of these unique attractions in Ella. Go off the beaten path exploring waterfalls, ancient caves, kovil and panoramic viewpoints.
Immersive experiences in Ella
Experience the very best of what Ella has to offer. Take a scenic train ride through the central highlands, learn how to cook authentic Sri Lankan food or zipline through the mountainous valleys of the region.
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