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28 March 2024
15 Tips to Plan A Hike
Hiking is an activity that requires preparation. Once you begin your hike, you are left at the mercy of nature, away from civilisation ...
28 March 2024
10 Basic Hiking Skills to Master Hiking
There do not seem to be many specific skills needed for walking, so what kinds of skills are...
28 March 2024
Trekking vs Hiking: The Differences and Similarities
Taking a break from our busy lives and reconnecting with nature always has a positive effect on our minds....
A view of the Central Highland Mountains in Sri Lanka from the Pekoe Trail hiking
13 February 2024
Day Hiking Essentials: A Must-Have for Hiking
Welcome to the world of hiking. When wandering through natural environments....
12 February 2024
First Time Hiking Tips: Hiking and Trekking Tips for Beginners
The best part about going hiking for the first time is the thrill of discovering new places...
11 February 2024
The Pekoe Trail, Sri Lanka Makes National Geographic’s Coveted ‘Best of the World’ List for 2024
The Pekoe Trail Profiled Among “Top 20 Travel Destinations for 2024,” According to National Geographic’s Global Editorial Teams
A Couple hiking along the Pekoe Trail one of the top adventurous things to do in Sri Lanka
23 January 2024
Top Adventurous Things to do in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean, blessed with an abundance of natural and man-made wonders.
25 April 2023
Tales from The Pekoe Trail With Stuart Butler
In every twist and turn along The Pekoe Trail there are surprising new discoveries that are distinctly Sri Lankan.
First-ever 300km ultramarathon run on The Pekoe Trail by Hyun Chang completed in 59 hours
25 April 2023
First-ever 300km ultramarathon run on The Pekoe Trail completed in 59 hours
On 27 January, ultramarathon trail runner Hyun Chang Chung...