Cloaked in mist

Explore Haputale
A lively hilltown in the highlands

STAGE IS CLOSED – Stage is officially closed due to safety or entrance restrictions.
STAGE NOT YET OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED – not fully audited for signage and trail conditions, not actively maintained.
STAGE IS OPEN – signage in place and trail conditions actively monitored.

Perched at the southern edge of the Hill Country, Haputale clings to a long, narrow mountain ridge with the land falling away steeply on both sides. On a clear day you can view the south coast from this ridge, and at night the Hambantota lighthouse glows on the horizon. On a not - so - clear day, great swaths of mist cling to these hillsides.

Like most hill country towns, Haputale is developing rapidly. However, there’s still many things to do in Haputale; whilst on The Pekoe trail you will get to experience parts of the urban sprawl along with scenic views of the mountainous countryside peppered with tea fields.

Stages of The Pekoe Trail accessible from Haputale
The hiking trail map of Haputhala region from the Pekoe Trail.

Attractions to explore along The Trail

Experience the very best of these unique attractions along the trail. Visit scenic train stations, colonial - era bungalows, churches and fantastic viewpoints in the heart of Sri Lanka’s central highlands.

Top Attractions in Haputale

Experience the very best of these unique attractions in Haputale. Go off the beaten path exploring waterfalls, forested sanctuaries and panoramic viewpoints with jaw dropping vistas of tea fields.

Immersive experiences in Haputale

Experience the very best of what Haputale has to offer. Take a tea factory tour, visit colourful temples or hike through a wildlife sanctuary.

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