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The Pekoe Trail is a 300+km, long-distance walking trail traversing the central highlands of Sri Lanka. The interconnecting trail is the first in a series of walking trails by Serendipity Trails that allows visitors to discover the varying terrain, history, culture, food, and local communities across Sri Lanka by foot. There are 22 stages in the trail, which can be done as short sections, or as part of a multi-day experience.

The Pekoe Trail is the brainchild of adventurer Miguel Cunat, who spent many years hiking in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. His expertise was developed with the generous support and funding of the European Union (EU) with additional support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Discovering Sri Lanka by foot is the ethos behind the brand and the trails, which are designed to demonstrate the island’s diversity, encourage sustainable travel and bring economic opportunity to underserved, rural communities. Serendipity Trails aims to promote a more holistic traveler experience in line with emerging travel trends embracing adventure, nature, wellness, and sustainability.

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