The Pekoe Trail: Stage 4

Tawalantenne ⇌ Pundaluoya
An easy walk with panoramic views

STAGE IS CLOSED – Stage is officially closed due to safety or entrance restrictions.
STAGE NOT YET OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED – not fully audited for signage and trail conditions, not actively maintained.
STAGE IS OPEN – signage in place and trail conditions actively monitored.

This stage begins in Tawalantenne where you will hike through small village roads flanked by rice paddy fields. You will cross the Ramboda Oya, which falls onto the popular Ramboda waterfall. Keep an eye out for delicious mulberries, which make for a tasty snack as you walk through manicured tea estates.

One of the highlights of the trail include views of the Kotmale Reservoir, the second-largest hydroelectric power station in Sri Lanka. You will also spot the Kadadora Viharaya, a Buddhist temple visible on the outer banks of the Kotmale Reservoir.

Key Points
  • Kotmale reservoir

  • Ramboda Oya

  • Paddy fields

  • Kadadora Viharaya

  • An old British engineered road

  • Tea estates with some of the best views

Walk on an old British-engineered road, originally built for bullock carts and small vehicles that transforms into a perfectly tarmacked road leading to the remains of an abandoned tea factory. The views from here are believed to be some of the best in all of Sri Lanka’s tea country.

Interestingly, this modern road is a mystery in itself. You won’t find a single vehicle running on it. The seemingly road-to-nowhere was built for a major underground power station located less than a kilometer away and has not been used since construction ended. The trail ends in the small town of Pundaluoya.

Top attractions along Stage 4 of The Pekoe Trail

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Immersive experiences around Nuwara Eliya and Kotmale

Go off the beaten path with these lesser-known experiences exploring hidden waterfalls, temples, and tasting fresh berries from the region.

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