The Pekoe Trail: Stage 03

Loolkandura ⇌ Tawalantenne
A challenging trail through forests and tea fields

STAGE IS CLOSED – Stage is officially closed due to safety or entrance restrictions.
STAGE NOT YET OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED – not fully audited for signage and trail conditions, not actively maintained.
STAGE IS OPEN – signage in place and trail conditions actively monitored.

Prepare yourself for the second longest hike on The Pekoe Trail beginning at a small bridge over the Ma Oya on the Loolkandura Estate. This estate is one of the oldest tea plantations in Sri Lanka, established by Sir James Taylor who is widely renowned as the father of Ceylon tea.

On this hike you climb through some of the most historically significant tea trails in Sri Lanka. The further you climb the more remote it feels. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are standing on the old and forgotten Dimbula road - a trail meant for horses and bullock carts built over 150 years ago by British Engineers.

Key Points
  • Loolkandura Estate

  • Ma Oya

  • Rock pools

  • Ancient bullock cart roads

  • Piduruthalagala forest

  • Views of the Kotmale reservoir

The second part of the trail takes you over a pass onto the valleys beyond towards Stellenberg Estate looking south across Kotmale and the Rilagala mountain range in the distance. On a clear day, you should be able to see the holy mountain, Adam’s Peak, on the horizon.

The trail continues to cut across leafy tea bushes along estate roads criss crossing between forest and tea fields. The views in front of you are truly magical – the Kotmale Reservoir lies directly ahead of the trail.

As you begin to climb down towards the town of Tawalantenne, you will see the iconic Ramboda pass and waterfall in front of you as well as the Gampola-Nuwara Eliya road snaking up the mountain. The stage ends at the busy Tawalanetenne town.

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