The Pekoe Trail: Stage 22

Kandapola ⇌ Pedro Estate
A moderate hike through quiet countryside

STAGE IS CLOSED – Stage is officially closed due to safety or entrance restrictions.
STAGE NOT YET OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED – not fully audited for signage and trail conditions, not actively maintained.
STAGE IS OPEN – signage in place and trail conditions actively monitored.

The start of this stage is at Kandapola town, a small, yet busy transit in the regional capital of Nuwara Eliya. You will meander along beautiful tea trails on tea estates through remote villages.

The trail circles around one of the oldest tea estates in the region: Courtlodge Tea Factory established in 1890, as well as the Pedro Estate Tea Factory, a well-known estate and factory overlooking the surrounding countryside. The Pedro Tea Factory offers interesting and comprehensive guided tours.

Key Points
  • Courtlodge Tea Factory

  • Pedro Estate Tea Factory

  • Lover’s Leap waterfall

A Graphical Map of the Pekoe Trail Stage 22 in Sri Lanka: Kandapola - Pedro Estate

Keep an eye out for the trail that leads to Lover’s Leap waterfall, just off the main trail. According to myth, Lovers Leap Waterfall is said to derive its name from the tragic tale of a prince, who while hunting in the jungle, lost his way. A beautiful damsel rescued him from the local village, and the two became inseparable lovers. But the match was not to the liking of the Eliya King and Queen, so the two decided to leap to their deaths, so they could be united forever.

The iconic Pedro Tea Estate factory marks the end or the start of The Pekoe Trail.

Top attractions along Stage 22 of The Pekoe Trail

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Immersive experiences around Kandapola and Pedro Estate

Go off the beaten path with these unique experiences visiting the finest tea growing estates of Sri Lanka’s hill country, bird watching in Galway’s Land National park or playing a round of golf.

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