The Pekoe Trail: Stage 15
Makulella ⇌ Ella (Closed)
A moderate hike through one of The Pekoe Trail's most scenic routes

This stage begins at a Buddhist temple in Makulella, a small village overlooking the valley of Ambagaswatte. The river flowing through this valley gives way to the Ravana Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in the region.

The first part of the hike is a delightful walk through a forested area, including a eucalyptus forest, and tea bushes with stunning views. You will walk through patches of jungle as you climb up towards the top of Ella Rock where you can feast your eyes on expansive vistas of the iconic Ella gap, little Adam’s Peak, and Ella town.

Key Points
  • Ella Rock
  • Ella Train Station
  • Ella Gap
  • Little Adam’s Peak

Continue along more eucalyptus forests, passing a few local homes and their cultivated gardens all the way to Kithal Ella Station. You will walk along the railway track where you’re likely to meet vendors eager to sell you snacks and fresh fruit, a great pit stop if you need refreshments.

The stage finishes at the Ella Train Station, in the very popular hill-country town of Ella where travellers come to enjoy walks through tea plantations, nature, and generally to chill out.

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