The Pekoe Trail: Stage 12

Udaweriya ⇌ Haputale
A hike through one of The Pekoe Trail's most remote valleys

STAGE IS CLOSED – Stage is officially closed due to safety or entrance restrictions.
STAGE NOT YET OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED – not fully audited for signage and trail conditions, not actively maintained.
STAGE IS OPEN – signage in place and trail conditions actively monitored.

This stage begins in the remote Udaweriya Valley that looks over the south of Sri Lanka with some of the best views in the tea country. On a clear day you may just make out the ocean in the South of the island.

Walk past a derelict tea factory and along tea trails home to resident goats and friendly villagers through a valley seemingly lost in time. You will come across abandoned villages that saddle the lowlands to your right and the Uva bowl to your left whilst you hike along tea trails used by local villagers to travel from Udaweriya down towards Haputale and Ella.

Key Points
  • Tropical and pine forests

  • Adhisham bungalow

  • Thangamale Sanctuary

  • Idalgashinna train station

Highlights of the trail include walking through tropical and pine forests, which lead to the Idalgashinna train station, one of the most picturesque railway stations in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. This colonial-era station also holds the record for the highest number of tunnels between two railway stations.

Walk along train tracks past the Thangamale Sanctuary, a lesser-known forest popularly known as the Thangamale bird sanctuary where you are likely to sight some endemic highland birds. This stage also meanders past the famous Adisham Bungalow (now a Franciscan monastery). Your hike ends at the Haputale train station.

Top attractions along Stage 12 of The Pekoe Trail

Explore the best attractions and points of interest from Udaweriya to Haputale

Immersive experiences around the remote valley of Udaweriya and misty Haputale

Go off the beaten path with these unique experiences camping in the highlands, visiting tea factories, and birdwatching at Thangamale Sanctuary.

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