Learn more about The Pekoe Trail

If you still have questions after exploring our website, please find below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Pekoe Trail.

When will the trail be launched?

All 22 Stages of the Trail is open to public from March 2024 with a Trail Pass through Pekoe Trail App.

Does a visitor need to pay or buy a ticket? If so, what are the rates?

Currently there is no charge for the trail passes, in addition to those already being issued by national parks, forestry department and private estates. In the future there is likely to be a requirement for a Pekoe Trail pass to ensure the trail is properly maintained/sign posted and as a mechanism to support the communities it passes through. Stay tuned to official Pekoe Trail channels for updates.

How can tour operators purchase a trail pass for its client(s)?

A destination management organisation will be in place to manage bookings, and host an online booking engine on The Pekoe Trail website. Bookings can be made for a particular stage or several stages. A trail app developed by The Pekoe Trail is also available to assist travellers.

Are the number of passes limited?

Some stages will have a limited number of passes issued at any given time to prevent over-tourism/ over - crowding, especially for areas of cultural or environmental sensitivity. Currently up to 5 passes can be requested by a single user. More details of this will be available soon.

The Pekoe Trail visitor experience

Who is the trail best suited for?

  • Individuals, couples, families and other small intimate groups of no more than 6 -10 pax at a time.
  • Recommended age is 10 to 70.
  • General level of fitness: traveller should be able to walk leisurely for 4-6 hours with rests in-between.
  • Those with an interest in nature and wildlife - especially birding - hiking, wellness, community - centric travel, and those interested in going ‘off the beaten track’.
  • Those who tend to avoid ‘touristy’, ‘commercial’ and ‘over - crowded’ tourist attractions.

Is The Pekoe Trail child friendly?

Most stages are suitable for the usual skills of kids aged 10 years and older. However, it will depend on the individual’s physical capabilities as well.

What is the level of difficulty?

Easy to moderate, with each stage approximately a half day’s excursion, i.e. 4 - 6 hours of walking with gradual ascents and descents.

Is The Pekoe Trail paved?

The trail route varies from grade 1 - 4 pathways (a diversity of forest foot trails, foot paths, tea trails - estate roads, as well as unpaved and paved roads).

What are trail highlights?

  • The trail passes through conserved areas such as forests, which are high in biodiversity - both in terms of flora and fauna, offering a more immersive nature based experience.
  • Immersing in the living heritage of Ceylon Tea and exploring the highland landscape of picturesque tea estates.
  • Interacting with local communities in an organic and unscripted/ non-commercial manner.
  • Partaking in ‘meaningful’ and ‘impactful’ tourism that is careful, non-destructive and looks to provide benefit to local communities.
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity across the trail.

What is the best season to do the trail?

  • The Pekoe Trail spans the Central Highlands, with different parts of the trail enjoying monsoon rains at different times of the year.
  • Even throughout the monsoon, mornings typically receive less rain than afternoons making the trail enjoyable year - round.
  • However, during extreme weather, some sections of the trail might be closed to the public for safety reasons. Those who have booked passes will be updated accordingly.

Rules, Regulations, & Safety

Are there any restricted activities?

  • This trail can only be used for recreational walking or walking - related activities such as bird watching (no MTBs etc.)
  • No feeding, touching/ petting, hunting/ poaching of wild animals.
  • Consumption of liquor on the trail will also be restricted/ prohibited.
  • Disturbance to the environment or communities or plantation companies is prohibited.
  • General illegal activities are prohibited, of course. A detailed list of restricted activities will be published for visitors (including disturbance to the local surroundings and behaving in a manner that is offensive to local culture and communities, etc.)

Will visitors be safe?

  • Visitor safety is paramount and instructions are provided to ensure safe passage.
  • However, entering the trail is at the individual's discretion and no liability will be undertaken for any incidents that do occur.
  • The fact that walking, hiking, trekking come with some form of risk is also implicit in the visitor deciding to walk The Pekoe Trail.
  • Emergency contact information and guidelines will be provided along with the trail pass.
  • It is recommended to travel with an accredited guide, who is trained at avoiding and managing emergencies on the trail.

Is there a threat from wild animals?

  • Certain stages of the trail traverse through protected areas, forest reserves, and wilderness areas where there are wild animals including leopards, wild boar, and snakes.
  • These stages may be avoided, if necessary.
  • Several areas do have leeches, especially during the rains.

What do visitors need to bring?

  • Sun block, hats/ caps, sun-glasses.
  • Water bottle for plenty of hydration - The Pekoe Tail is working on establishing refilling points with clean water along the trail.
  • Sturdy and comfortable shoes for outdoor walking.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Any personal medication.
  • Own snacks but with minimal single - use plastics and polythene wrapping for safety reasons.
Those who have booked passes will be updated accordingly.